4 Ways Pests Infestation can Compromise the Structure of your Home 

4 Ways Pests Infestation can Compromise the Structure of your Home 

While most pests are dreaded for their health impacts on humans or because they contaminate or steal our food while we are sleeping or are out there looking for more food, some can cause structural damage to our homes and cost us a fortune in repairs. Of course, this doesn’t cross your mind when you think about mice, squirrels, or spiders. You likely view them as simply bad creatures that make you look like an irresponsible person and should be out of your house as soon as they come in.

The effect of pests on the structure of your home is slow but sure. The longer you let them stay and breed, the more likely you are to start sighting damage on your roof, floor, walls, ceiling etc. If you suspect you have a pest infestation in your home, consider seeking the services of Rove Pest Control exterminators to help save your home from further damage. Read on for four of the most common ways in which pests can compromise the structure of your home:

Roof Damage

Mice, rats, and termites are a threat to your home all year long, and the roof is their forte. They love to chew on wood, and will make powder of your trusses, rafters, and roof decking if you don’t detect and eradicate them early-on.

Also, don’t trust those beautiful birds on your roof. They will sing you sweet melodies to buy their stay and by the time you wake up to the seriousness of their damaging effects, the sheathing of your roof has been eaten away by the acid in their droppings.

Insulation Damage

The most common culprits behind insulation damage are carpenter ants, raccoons, and bees. These creatures will either chew holes in your home’s insulation or set up nests there. Insects that bore holes in the insulation material, allow energy and air to pass through it, effectively undermining its insulation properties. Pests that create homes in your insulation may lead to food and clutter accumulation in the walls, exposing your home to rot and mold growth.

Wood Flooring Damage

Some insects may not make it to the roof or ceiling of your home and make up for that by paying your hardwood flooring a visit. Pests that chew through, feed on, and create homes in your floor can heavily impact the aesthetics of your home and even cause your flooring to crumble. Hardwood floorings are expensive to obtain and install, so be sure to watch out for bugs and get rid of them as soon as they show up.

Damage on Foundation

The strength of your home’s foundation is what defines its structural integrity. Your floors, roof, windows, walls, and doors all sit on your foundation. Any damage on it can set off some sort of domino effect which would totally wreck your home.

The wooden parts of your foundation are naturally susceptible to insect damage. Long term exposure to moisture may make your foundation even more attractive to bugs, weakening the structure of your home even further.