Buying a Home? Beware of these Signs of Pest Infestation

Buying a Home? Beware of these Signs of Pest Infestation

Buying a new home is one of the most challenging tasks. While you might be concentrating on the physical aspects of a real estate property before you can purchase, the presence of bugs in the property is something you should not forget to inspect.

Despite pest infestation in a home being a major problem, most homebuyers are unaware of the signs of pest infestation. You can hire a professional St. Charles pest control company to inspect a house before buying it. You can also go through the tips given below to help you check for pest infestation in the home before you seal the deal.

Five major signs of pest infestation in your home

1. Physical damage on the structure

Presence of physical damage in the house is an indication of pest infestation. Pest such as rodents likes to chew everything they come across. You can check the wiring in the attic to confirm if the insulators are broken.

Move to the kitchen and examine the wooden cabinets for any damages. If the house has a wooden roof, you can check for any signs of termite infestation. Swollen walls are an indication that termites are already establishing their nests there.

2. Pest droppings

Pest droppings are an indication of pest infestation in a property. While checking for rodents droppings can be an easy task, to confirm other dropping from pests such as bed bugs and cockroaches can be such a hassle.

Check the bedding, furniture, walls, and hidden sections in the house for any pest droppings. You have to be keen enough to find out the presence of pest droppings from tiny pests in the house.

3. Evidence of nesting

Most pests come inside the house to establish their nests and look for food. Rats and mice can make a nest out of anything like a paper or cloth. Use a flashlight to check for the presence of pest nesting in areas where the pests are most active. Check behind your electronic appliances, kitchen cabinets, and any holes on the walls for any signs of nesting.

4. Odd odors and sounds

You can confirm a pest infestation in the house if you hear strange noises and smell. For instance, rats are known to produce droppings that smell like ammonia, bed bugs give out a musty or sweet smell, and cockroaches produce an oily smell. If you enter the house and hear some scratching sound behind the walls and wooden structures, this is a red flag of pest infestation.

  1. Presence of dead bugs

The presence of dead bugs in the house is an indication that the house is already infested with pests. Most pests like cockroaches and fleas have a short lifespan. They die if they have nothing to feed on for a week. If you notice dead bugs on the window ledges, then you should raise the alarm for pest extermination before buying the house.


Pest infestation is a significant problem to look out for before buying a house. The five signs of pest infestations given here should help any homebuyer to check if the home they intend to buy is already infested with bugs.