Thursday 6 August 2020
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That Stink could be a Sign of Pest Infestation in your Home

That Stink could be a Sign of Pest Infestation in your Home

There are different ways of identifying a pest infestation in your home, and one of them involves the use of the sense of smell. Whenever you step into a room or house that isn’t well-ventilated, you’re likely to sense some form of odor you don’t like and this could be an indicator of fungi and mold. For other places, the decomposing stench may also be a sign of decaying matter, dead bugs or even some carcass around it. Could there be pests around your home? You can click here for more information about these uninvited property intruders – pests.

Don’t ignore that awkward smell

If you have ever battled with a bug infestation before, there is a good chance you noticed a distinct smell associated with those pests. This isn’t your imagination or a hallucination. Most bugs out there have recognizable odors. So, if you are familiar with a specific smell, you shouldn’t second-guess yourself if you sense the same smell in a rental unit or even your home. Here are some of the common bugs with a distinct odor.

Bed bugs: These bugs prefer human living quarters. They have an herb-like odor of coriander. The droppings of bed bugs also have an awful smell – they smell a little like old copper pennies. This is because these bugs live on human blood, and old blood is associated with a coppery smell – just like old pennies.

Roaches: These insects are associated with some form of oily or greasy smell. While they have a distinct odor, it might take some property owners a very long time to realize that these bugs have invaded their homes. This is because roaches have mastered the art of hiding until nightfall and you switch off the lights. Worst news? You may not detect the odor until the infestation has literally exploded.

Stink bugs: That’s what identifies them; the stink. They are the skunks of the pest world. Their primary job, whenever they’re frightened, is to scare you off by releasing an awful smell that your tender nose can’t stand. Stink bugs are very common during the fall and cats like chasing after them. So, the next time you pick up your lovely kitty and notice some awful smell on her paws, there is a good she has been hanging out with stink bugs in your home.

Research has shown that mice give produce musty, smelly urine. On the other hand, rats tend to smell like ammonia solution or gas. Note that both mice and rats are territorial markers, and this is likely to make their odor even worse.

Besides, if one of these creepy rodents’ carcasses is lying in your crawlspace, you will know immediately that something is wrong. So, yes, a stink in your home could mean something more than the rubbish in your kitchen, mold, fungi, or dusty floor. Sometimes, it is a sign of pest infestation. Therefore, you should get in touch with a professional in pest control for a thorough inspection and bug extermination.