Thursday 6 August 2020
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Top 5 Hacks to keep your Home Safe

Top 5 Hacks to keep your Home Safe

In addition to offering your loved ones a roof over their heads, your home should keep them safe along with their belongings. It is in your best interest to prevent all instances of robberies, unlawful entries, and all other events that may compromise their safety. You should also designate who will inherit the property in your will. This will make the probate process much easier in the event of your death. Here are tips to help you tighten security around your home.

1. Address all the weak points

Take the time to inspect your home from a burglar’s perspective. Identify any logical point of entry. Could a thief access your home via the roof window when it’s open to letting in the fresh air? Are the bushes that have grown tall and thick likely to offer burglars a cover? Once you identify all the weak spots around your property, eliminate them. It is also recommended to replace glass panel doors with sturdy metallic or hardwood doors.

2. Make sure that the main entrance is secure

Most entrance doors have single-cylinder deadbolts. To be sure that your home’s main entrance is secure, it is recommended to upgrade to what’s known as double-cylinder deadbolts. That means if a burglar breaks the glass pane, the double-deadbolts will prevent him from opening the door. It is also advisable to use a door jammer when inside.

3. Invest in a robust security system

With the guidance of an experienced home security professional, you can acquire an alarm system and install a surveillance system. In case you don’t have enough cash for such systems, you can also deter burglars by posting stickers and decals for reputable security service providers and alarm systems.

4. Acquire homeowners’ insurance cover

As much as you may have taken different security measures, there is no guarantee that your property will always be a safe haven. If you need the peace of mind associated with being sure that your property is fully covered from burglary, consider acquiring a homeowners’ insurance policy. Evaluate different policies and get one that combines property and its contents. That means the policy covers both your belongings and the overall damage caused by the forceful entry.

5. Opt for better exterior lighting

Generally, no burglar or intruder wants to find themselves in the spotlight, trying to break into someone’s home. One way to keep such people at bay is by making sure that the exterior of your home is perfectly lit. Fix functional bulbs at the main entrance, backdoor, garage door, and the far end of your backyard. You should install lighting fixtures on all other outdoor structures that can conceal an intruder.

You don’t need to dig a moat around your house or install missiles on your rooftop to keep your home safe. Effective planning, regular property inspections, and addressing all weak points that could be entry points are some of the home security tips you should never ignore. Remember, your loved ones are counting on you to keep them safe.