Tree Lopping is for Professionals

Tree Lopping is for Professionals

Tree lopping is a necessary, yet controversial tree trimming practice. Advocates understand the necessity of tree lopping in appropriate circumstances for the greater good.

What is Tree Lopping?

Tree lopping is an agricultural practice in which part of a live tree, such as the branches, are trimmed or removed. This could also include shortening trunks. Tree lopping is also known as tree trimming, but it is not the same as pruning. The reasons one might need the services of a company who offers tree lopping are varied. Working with trees is risky, and there are inherent dangers. For this reason, it’s important to utilise the services of professionals who are trained with the knowledge and safety.

Reasons Tree Lopping is Necessary

There are a variety of reasons tree lopping is necessary. This is not a cookie cutter task; every situation is different and must be properly assessed. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Removing dead or damaged branches
  • Thinning out in order to increase sunlight and create a healthier environment for the trees
  • Remove weak parts of the tree, thereby making the tree healthier
  • Prevent branches from rubbing each other
  • Remove splits in the tree so that the wood doesn’t split later
  • Maintain and correct a healthy growth pattern for the tree

Tree Lopping for Safety

Although tree lopping is done for management reasons, it’s even more commonly done for safety reasons. It might be trimming a tree that is in danger of falling on a house, a car, a fence, a store, or someone’s property. Sometimes, there are trees in public places which are either dead or unhealthy and pose a danger to high traffic public areas. In these cases, people’s lives and property are in danger. In situations like these, it’s of the utmost importance to utilise professionals as these trees are already in dangerous positions, and precautions must be taken.

Who Offers Tree Lopping Services

Tree loppers in Perth are often part of a full-service company that is heavily insured due to the nature of the work. Tree service companies offer a variety of services in addition to tree lopping such as,

  • Removal of dead or unwanted trees
  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Clearing vegetation around power-lines
  • Vegetation management

Professional tree service companies have at least one in-house arborist as a part of the team. Members of the crew can come from different educational backgrounds. Some have forestry and wildlife degrees, while others receive on the job training. The use of professional tree services is important because these professionals have the proper equipment and know-how to safely work with trees while minimising the danger to people and property as well as the tree itself.